A Christmas Story 8×10 Print (framed)



A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story painting is 11×14 inch original painting combines scenes from the movie “The Christmas Story”  and was done on Wallis sanded paper with pastel paints of varying softness to ensure archival quality throughout the painting.

Once in a while an awesome movie comes along that makes you laugh yet is truthful.  This movie is what it was like in the 40’s and 50’s growing up in America.  The star of the show is a little boy named Ralphie.  Ralphie wants a Red Rider B.B. gun for Christmas and he tries to convince Santa (and anyone else who will listen) that this B. B. Gun would be the perfect gift.  The leg lamp is received by the father in the movie and he puts it in the front window for all to see.  The mother is mortified and tries to take it down as all the neighbors watch.   The glasses are broken (after mother warns several times that “You are going to shoot your eye out!” t rying to convince Ralphie not to ask Santa for the Red Rider B.B. gun.  The red soap in the painting signifies the soap that  was used to teach the boy a lesson (by putting it in his mouth)  which ended up teaching the mother a lesson. (She actually put the bar of soap in her own mouth).

I hope I made you smile with this painting.  The original painting comes framed in a brown/black frame and True Vue Anti Glare Glass.  All materials are archival which means that your painting will last for years and years to come.  Prints are also available by contacting me.  You can read about the movie by going to IMdb which will also show you some scenes from this great classic movie.

Sharon Morley, artist


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