Buy good tools and materials and you will save yourself money and aggravation in the long run!


Palette and Materials I like:

Oil Paints:

Winsor & Newton:
Flake White
Ivory Black
Raw Sienna
Cad Yellow Medium
Cad Lemon
Permanent Alizarin Crimson (I like Van Gogh brand as well)
Burnt Sienna
Colbalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue

Optional colors for landscape:
Pthalo Blue
Sap Green

Naples Yellow ( a really good color to have)


Robert Simmons Signet

I would get:
3 Flat Hogs Hair sizes 4, 6, 8
3 Filbert Hogs Hair sizes 4, 6, 8
1 Liner size 000

Odorless mineral spirits
Brush cleaner (the soap in the case, not the liquid)
Viva paper towels

Either Stretched canvas or canvas mounted on Masonite

If you are just starting out, I recommend
A set of 90 Rembrandt Soft pastels halfsticks (see below)
Soft Vine Charcoal
Canson Mi-Tientes Pad
Drawing Board (bigger than the paper you buy)
Kneaded Eraser

If you want to add to your collection I also recommend

Terry Ludwig extra soft Pastels (Terry is a great guy and makes awesome pastels)Sennelier very soft pastels
Carb Othello pastel pencils

Additional paper:
Uart 500 sanded pastel paper

Sites I have used and had great experience with:
(you may purchase my DVD's there as well-they are awesome to work with and order items through) (They also carry my DVD's)
Pochade box:
Julian half box easel available at aswexpress. com

Rembrandt pastels 90 half sticks

Watercolor and gouche travel sets