Cesar Santos “Painting the Figure” is out!

I received my copy of Cesar Santos “Painting the Figure” yesterday and was able to watch the first 2 segments on transferring the drawing and painting the underpainting.

Cesar is a great instructor and this dvd starts where his figure drawing dvd left off.

Cesar begins with an in-depth segment on how to photograph your figure and how to transfer your drawing. I have seen this approach before but Cesar shows you step by step all the while telling you what he is doing and why.

He then starts painting the underpainting with 2 colors plus white. This is a different approach from his portrait painting video. He begins immediately to show form using very few values. Just mesmerizing!

I watched this video and took notes and have written a page and a half. What a great teacher as well as a master painter.

I will write more as I watch more. I just want to savor the experience.

Art is not something one does;

it is a life one lives…

Sharon Morley