You can learn to draw and paint!

Draw and paint.  You can learn it!  It is as simple as that.  The question is …. How much time are you willing to spend?

Draw and paint every day.

Sunflower, draw and paint
“Kissed by the Sun” 11×14 Oil on Canvas by Sharon Morley


I teach many oil painting and pastel painting workshops and have taught studio art classes for many years and the one thing I hear over and over again from my beginning students is “My drawing looks childish”.  “I have no ability” or better still, “I have not talent!”  “Talent!”… I love that word..  Yes, there are a few prodigies in every category in life but most successful artists are not “born” that way.  They are encouraged!

A child is taught the basic skills of learning to journey through this world,  We teach them everything from learning to read and write, knowing right from wrong, and all other sorts of necessary information.  Does a child sit down and write their name perfectly the first time?  No… there are three factors involved here.

1) They have to have instruction how to write their name. 
2) They have to WANT to write their name. 
3) They have to practice writing their name.

Those are the key factors in the success of anything!  I ask my adult students “How many of you expect to sit at a piano and play like Mozart?”  No one raises their hands.  Yet when it comes to  being an artist, they expect to be able to paint like the old masters!  Usually the artwork in museums that we adore is not the artist’s first attempt at painting.  It was years of practice with the highs and lows of trying, achieving and failing.  Then getting back on track and trying again.

People who draw well (or do anything well actually) are encouraged.  A child who is told he is a good artist at an early age will love to draw and paint.  They will do it more (practice) because they are praised for it and they like to do it.  The parents will get them art lessons so they excel faster.  And there is the cycle of success.

If you dream of being an artist or just becoming better at art, the key is to get instruction and practice!!

How many of you will become good artists?  All of you who persevere!   Do you have the will to follow your dream?

Sharon Morley, December 13, 2015


6 Responses

  1. Denise

    I enjoyed the class. Learning a new medium was interesting. What I found even more interesting is that when my daughter and I attend a paint bar, she is never happy with her acrylic painting and I am with mine. In the pastel class, I did feel mine was childish but I thought my daughters was awesome! I said you have found your medium. Thank you so much Sharon!


    Hi Denise
    Thank you for the response. Your painting was awesome by the way as was Ashley’s. I have never been to a paint bar so I cannot compare the two. My workshop was about informing people how to paint and why. I am not sure they do that in a paint bar.
    You understood the principles of art before you came in; I am thinking maybe Ashley had not heard them before and it clicked when she did. Pastel is such a wonderful medium to work with. Most students get frustrated with acrylic when they begin.
    As you know, the journey to art is different for all people. I hope you and Ashley continue to paint and have this in common.
    Thank you and Ashley for attending the workshop!! There are photos on the Classes and workshop page and testimonials on the testimonial page.

  3. Denise

    .I’m glad my daughter found something she was comfortable with, and that was all due to the teacher. Love you Sharon!


    Thank you, Denise! I am so happy when I hear that someone will enjoy art more because of a workshop or class I taught! Love you too!

  5. Deborah MacDonald

    I studied art in college,and taught elementary children as part of my 35 years as an elementary Montessori educator.
    I am a visual person,and yet I have not moved myself forward in my own art education.Your positive approach,and specific comments during our class in pastel painting may change that!
    Thanks so much.


      Hi Deborah
      That is so good to hear! I hope you do you move forward in your art! It will be a gift to the world to have more beautiful artwork and a gift to yourself because of the enjoyment you will have while painting. I am so grateful to hear how many people write in their testimonials that the pastel class was relaxing. It is a win win situation. Please contact me at or call or text if you have any questions about anything! (you have my number on the card and bookmark). Thank you for commenting, that means a lot. Your artwork was beautiful and I hope you frame it!