New Workshops Added!

Merril Farm in Fall c Sharon A. Morley (2)
Merrill Farm in Spring  11x14 Oil on linen

The New Workshops added in October and Novemeber are:

I have two workshops coming up at Essex Art Center, Lawrence, Ma. 1)  October 22, from 10AM-2:00 PM   Color Your World in Oils!  This is a 4 hour intensive workshop where you will learn how to oil paint even if you have never touched a paint brush before!  I will explain the materials to use and why, how to use these materials, and then you will get to paint using all the materials that I supply. I will also touch on how to frame and oil painting.

The second workshop will be held at Essex Art Center, 2) Friday, November 18, 2016 from 10:00-2:00 Pm.  This is Color Your World with Pastels!  A four hour intensive workshop where you will learn how to paint with pastels, which ones to buy, and then we will have time to experiment with a painting using materials that I supply.  I will also touch on how to frame pastels (and photos).  I do not sell any products, I just tell you the ones I find work well.

No experience necessary!  You just have to show up and let me do the rest! 

This is the perfect time to start painting as the holidays near. I have found that painting makes me happy, reduces stress, and someone may want your lovely paintings as a gift!  Please  email me at for further information.  Please sign up at Essex Art Center, 56 Island Street, Lawrence, MA 01840  or call 978-685-2343 HOURS: MONDAY - FRIDAY, 10 AM - 6 PM

I have other workshops listed on my website  I hope to see you soon!